International Women’s Day in 2024

Celebrating & Empowering Women International Women’s Day 2024 [March 9th 2024 2PM PST, Surrey Center Library, Room 402.     Vancouver, BC — As part of the celebration of International Women’s Day in 2024, HeadHearHand Foundation and The Viden Fate Foundation Society will host an interactive session with inspiring leaders in our community. This program is sponsored by […]

Unlocking Endless Possibilities for Single Moms:

Introducing a life skills program tailored for single mothers, organised by HeadHeartHand Foundation (3Hfoundation). This program empowers single mothers to navigate this complex system, ensuring they are well-informed about available resources, grants, income assistance, and childcare benefits. We are delighted to announce Mrs. Joana Zigah as our esteemed speaker and anchor. Mrs. Zigah, a dedicated […]